Brief notes on "Lila" by Robert Pirsig / by James Reese

"Fuck your questions! I'm whatever your questions turn me into. You don't see that. It's your questions that make me who I am. If you think I'm an angel then that's what I am. I you think I'm a whore then that's what I am. I'm whatever you think. And if you change your mind about me then I change too."

Lila's words here to the male protagonist reach beyond gender politics and dig at something that has been bothering/fascinating me for a while-- how the questions asked of us are always altering our concepts of ourselves. Breaking the "I" down, manipulating it, building up other inner realities. It can be intentional on the behalf of the inquisitor or not... Because our "Self" is malleable, there is a form of destruction in the simple "?"