Thoughts on the Properties of Water and Glass / by James Reese


The mimicry of water's properties in our creation and use of glass is so strange. It is almost as if we have abandoned the depth and versatility of water for a frozen form of it. Glass can absorb/conduct heat, reflect and bend image, and we can mold its form into the shapes of water. However, glass acts only as a surface, not allowing the traverse of space within it like water does. Water acts as a medium that beings can move in freely- excluding the evolutionary limits on the beings moving in it (ie. Fish and humans are not amphibious and so their movement in and out of water is limited). Glass  contains space and creates "insides" and "outsides" for the beings moving on either side of its surface.   

To me I feel a sort of thin beauty in glass.. it satisfies for a while but tires easily and I become bored very easily. At first I thought this boredom was my own fault- lacking creativity, perhaps. Now I think it has more to do with the fact that glass is a static substance. It is like most imitative and derivative substances we have recombinated/modeled off of "natural" substances (trees, grass). Some properties may transfer but the new forms are not dynamic-- glass does not move in response to its environment, it is unyielding.